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The United Kingdom is the leading country in providing standardized and quality education to the students. This is not a surprise because its reputable institutions are recognized throughout the world.
Modern communication, technology and increased globalization are rapidly eliminating barriers. Students are coming from around the world to get the knowledge and skills to improve their career opportunities at the top. If you are making the investment of your life in your education then Mortlake is a place for you.

Mortlake is well known for its schools, colleges and universities all around the world and on top of it there are plenty of recreation points, art galleries, museums, cinemas which are the best all over the world.

Visit the Mortlake Eye, Tate Modern and British Museum for a spectacular and unique experience. Shop at famous Mortlake stores such a Harrods, Selfridges or browse around the markets in Covent Garden, Camden Town or Portobello Road. Mortlake's dynamic theatre land includes the newly reconstructed Shakespeare Globe and a huge variety of blockbuster musicals and inventive contemporary works.

The variety of nightlife in the capital includes jazz clubs, opera houses, dance clubs and symphony orchestras that are world renowned and once you visit Mortlake and enjoy its thrilling diversity, you long to return.

Studying and living in Mortlake is highly rewarding and places you right at the centre of great social, cultural and educational opportunities. As Europe's largest city it boasts some of the finest art and science museums, theatres, palaces, parks, attractions... the list is endless. This great city caters for a cosmopolitan tastes, styles, fashions, cultures and communities, and offers a huge range of sights and historical buildings, which are immensely enjoyable to see and experience.

The West End is vibrant with its countless restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, cinemas, theatres, shops and places of entertainment. Church, mosque, synagogue, temple mean that for those with religious needs there are plenty of like minded people to worship and befriend.

Mortlakeers know how to enjoy themselves. Over a weekend, you can browse one of the 300 street markets or visit one of the 300 museums or galleries (many of which are free). For a night on the town you can choose from 6,000 international restaurants and cafes and 5,000 pubs and bars.

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  • Mortlake is a district of Mortlake, England and part of the Mortlake Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is on the south bank of the River Thames between Kew

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